Track Mats 10

You don’t always get to pick the project locations or weather, but with our ground protection / track mats you can control how these environmental factors affect your project.

Whether you’re tired of hauling crushed rock to build access roads or have a mud hole swallowing your equipment, our heavy duty track out mats will help protect your equipment and keep your operation running in uncertain terrain.

With ground protection mats, you can operate heavy machinery without the worry of damaging terrain during the construction process. Great for usage on soft or muddy ground up to concrete. Our ground protection mats are designed to let your medium to heavy duty machinery pass without leaving tire treads or ruts. Whether you’re protecting the turf, equipment or below ground utilities, we have the correct size protection mat for the job.

Fields of Application

  • Access Routes
  • Temporary Roads and Landscape Protection
  • Infrastructure
  • Ground Protection
  • Supporting Surface for Events
  • Golf and Sport Facilities
  • Stadium Protection
  • Working Surface for Construction Sites
  • Outdoor Music Festivals
  • Storage Areas

Product Specifications

Track Mat Sizes

All of our mats are available for rental or purchase.

Mat Color Dimensions Weight
Fast Cover Black 4′ x 2′ x 0.90″ 32 lbs
T-12 White or Black 3’11” x 7’11” x 0.50″ 79 lbs
T-18 Black 3’11” x 7’11” x 0.70″ 120 lbs
T-20 Black 10’6″ x 6’9″ x 0.80″ 300 lbs
T-32 Black 10′ x 6’9″ x 1.25″ 455 lbs
T-32 Plus Black 13’6″ x 6’9″ x 1.25″ 610 lbs
T-45 Black 13’6″ x 6’9″ x 1.75″ 810 lbs

T-12 Available for Purchase

Qty of 1-10 Black Mats


Qty of 10+ Black Mats


Qty of 1-10 White Mats


Qty of 10+ White Mats (4′ x 8′)


Qty of 10+ White Mats *SPECIAL OFFER*


These special white mats have dimensions of 3.7′ x 7.9′ with 1/2″ thickness.