Temporary Fencing 5

Whether you’re building a new project or demolishing an old one, our temporary construction fencing can provide the security and peace of mind that your project requires.

Our freestanding temporary panels allow you the flexibility to move and arrange the panels with your project. This gives you the ability to work in all areas of your site, while keeping it safe and secure.

We have multiple sizes of fence panels, ranging in heights of 4′, 6′ and 8′ and widths of 8′, 10′ and 12′. We also have many different gate options to meet your needs, including custom fabricated swing gates and cantilever gates.

Fence Brothers is responsive, reliable, efficient and flexible to your ever-changing project’s needs. We offer short and long-term temporary fence rental.

Fence Brothers has moved and installed millions of feet of fence for projects all over Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. With one of the largest inventories of panelized fence in the Tri-State area, we ALWAYS have fence available. Always.

Features & Benefits

  • Chain-link temporary, heavy duty free-standing fence panels with 36” base stands and weights for extra stability
  • Panels are reinforced vertically and horizontally providing extra durability
  • Easy to use, sturdy, reliable
  • Excellent alternative to post driven temporary fence. Repositions easily for extended use
  • Installs on a variety of surfaces
  • Great for perimeter security

Fields of Application

  • Commercial Construction

  • Housing Developments

  • Post-Disaster Site Security

  • Public Works Projects

  • Remodels / Tenant Improvements

Emergency Fencing

When safety is the main priority, we can fence the unexpected. Whether its fire or storm damage, unsafe structures, sinkholes or crowd control. Our panelized fencing can secure the area, allowing you to resolve the problem as quickly and safely as possible. Need something more than caution tape, give our crowd barriers a try.